Resep: Gulab jamun Untuk Pemula!

Gulab jamun.

Gulab jamun Teman-teman dapat menyiapkan Gulab jamun hanya dengan menggunakan 19 bahan dan 8 langkah saja. Berikut ini bahan dan cara untuk memasaknya, bikin Gulab jamun yuk!

Bahan-bahan Gulab jamun

  1. Sediakan of For Gulab Jamun Balls.
  2. Sediakan 200 gm of soft khoya.
  3. Diperlukan 100 gm of paneer.
  4. Sediakan 1/2 cup of Maida/All-purpose Flour.
  5. Siapkan 1/2 tsp of baking powder.
  6. Dibutuhkan 2 tbsp of milk.
  7. Sediakan of For filling.
  8. Diperlukan 1 tbsp of Mishri (sugar crystals).
  9. Gunakan pods of Green cardamom.
  10. Siapkan as needed of Pistachios.
  11. Siapkan pinch of Saffron thread.
  12. Sediakan of For sugar syrup.
  13. Sediakan 4 1/2 cup of sugar.
  14. Siapkan 4 cup of water.
  15. Siapkan 1 tbsp of milk.
  16. Diperlukan 1 tsp of lime juice.
  17. Diperlukan 1/2 tsp of green cardamom powder.
  18. Dibutuhkan 1/2 tsp of Saffron strands.
  19. Siapkan as needed of Ghee or refined oil for fry gulab jamuns.

Langkah-langkah membuat Gulab jamun

  1. For making syrup in a pan add water,sugar let it boil and melt sugar, then add little milk to the syrup to remove impurities,sieve the impurities then add green cardamom powder and lemon juice.lemon juice will help syrup not to crystallise. The sugar syrup consistency should be like honey, must have same feel when you touch the honey. Sugar syrup is ready now keep it aside..
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  3. Now take paneer in open plate or bowl rub it gently from palm till 5 min and make it smooth. After that add soft khoya to paneer mix it well with paneer again with help of palm rub it gently,then add little maida and make a soft dough if needed add milk.your dough is ready..
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  5. Divide the dough into small balls,put saffron thread,mishri,pistachios and green cardamom pod in between and shape them into round spheres..
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  7. Heat the oil or ghee to medium hot and add the dough balls to the oil.carefully rotate the oil so that the gulab jamuns cook evenly.once cooked remove carefully from oil and add to the warm sugar syrup and leave it at least till 1 hour..
  8. Your drooling gulab jamuns are ready to serve. Serve it warm or cold,enjoy..