Manera más fácil de Cocinar Sabroso 芋きんつば Imo-kintsuba

芋きんつば Imo-kintsuba. Steam sweet potato until the center is cooked. Mash it, and strain it with the bottom of colander. This is called "IMO KINTUBA" and is one of the Japanes traditional Japanese sweets. 頂いたコメントの中にリクエストで「きんつば」とあり、ちょうどさつま芋で何か作りたいと思っていたので、早速、「芋きんつば」を作 I want to make KINTSUBA 【accompany your cup of coffee】.

芋きんつば Imo-kintsuba Other popular types of Kintsuba Yaki include "Satsuma Kintsuba (薩摩きんつば)", also known as "Imo Kintsuba (芋きんつば)", which is made with sweet potato paste in place of sweet The traditional wagashi sweet, Kintsuba Yaki is available in supermarkets and convenience stores around Japan. Kintsuba きんつば is one of the Japanese sweets that I like because you can watch them being made. Kintsuba are made from sweet bean paste. You can have 芋きんつば Imo-kintsuba using 7 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of 芋きんつば Imo-kintsuba

  1. Prepare 400 g of Sweet potato.
  2. It’s 40 g of Sugar.
  3. It’s Dash of Salt.
  4. It’s 1 tablespoon of ★Shiratamako(glutinous rice flour ).
  5. It’s 20 g of ★Sugar.
  6. You need 50g of ★ Cake flour.
  7. You need 70cc of ★Water.

The thick paste is cut into square pieces. One side is dipped into a very light batter and cooked as you can see in the picture… Reblog. Imo kintsuba (芋きんつば) atau satsuma kintsuba (薩摩きんつば) adalah kintsuba yang isi kuenya (bahasa Jepang: an, 餡) dibuat dari Kue ini mulanya disebut gintsuba (銀つば) karena permukaannya yang putih mengkilap seperti perak (gin). Namun penduduk Kyoto dan Edo lebih senang menyebut.

芋きんつば Imo-kintsuba step by step

  1. Steam sweet potato until the center is cooked..
  2. Mash it, and strain it with the bottom of colander..
  3. Add sugar and salt to the sweet potato, and mix it. Then put it into a square container horizontally. Leave it for a while..
  4. Put ★s in order and mix it..
  5. Warm electronic griddle to 180°C. And dip one side of the paste to ④, and put on it..
  6. Remove the paste of ③ from the container carefully, and cut it in 12..
  7. Warm electric griddle to 180°C. Dip one side of the past, and put on it..
  8. Cook every side one by one. Then it's better to remove the extra dough..
  9. Enjoy!.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. きんつば (ja); Kintsuba (de); Kintsuba (jv); Kintsuba (id); kintsuba (en); kintsuba (ast) Japanische Süßigkeit (de); tipu de postre xaponés (ast) Imo kintsuba, Imo kinsuba (id); 金鍔, 金鍔焼. Tsuba in kintsuba refers to the Japanese sword guard which, during the Edo period, was round-shaped and not rectangular-shaped of the present day. Kintsuba, a confectionary that makes good use of the deliciousness of the ingredients has received many honors such as the Honorary President. 佐藤きんつば店, Aizuwakamatsu. Yōkan (羊羹) et Kintsuba (きんつば) – Macaronette et cie.