Cómo Cocinar Sabroso 若鮎 Wakaayu

若鮎 Wakaayu. (独)国立高専機構 岐阜工業高等専門学校 同窓会 若鮎会のWEBサイトです。 若鮎会の活動状況、母校のニュースなどをお知らせします。 今日もあんこラボ和菓子チャンネルをご覧いただき、ありがとうございます。 Thank you so much for watching Ankolabo wagashi channel 若鮎の作り方をご紹介します。若鮎は夏を代表する和菓子。 This is 若鮎's music collection on Bandcamp. PagesBusinessesSport & recreationSports TeamAmateur Sports Team若鮎スポーツ少年団. English (UK) · Русский · Українська · Suomi · Español.

若鮎 Wakaayu Click for more info and examples: わかあゆ – wakaayu – young sweetfish. 若鮎. Readings of the Japanese word. * Tags. Name: Wakaayu Noboru Kanji: 若鮎 のぼる Current Troupe: Role: Otokoyaku Status: Retired. You can have 若鮎 Wakaayu using 14 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of 若鮎 Wakaayu

  1. You need of Koshian (Smooth sweet bean paste ).
  2. It’s of 〈Dough〉.
  3. It’s 1 of egg.
  4. It’s 50 g of Suger.
  5. It’s 1 teaspoon of Honey.
  6. You need of ★ 1 teaspoon Baking soda.
  7. You need of ★ 2 tablespoon Water.
  8. You need 60 g of Cake flour.
  9. Prepare Dash of salad oil.
  10. It’s of 〈Gyuhi(soft mochi)〉.
  11. It’s 20 g of Shiratamako(Glutinous rice flour).
  12. You need 2 tablespoon of Water.
  13. It’s 2 tablespoon of Suger.
  14. You need 2 teaspoon of Starch.

Read and download Irui Konintan – Wakaayu, a hentai doujinshi by yukibuster z for free on nhentai. Omanju. 鮎並女[ainame] fat greenling (Hexagrammos otakii) 落ち鮎[ochiayu] sweetfish going downstream to spawn 稚鮎[chiayu] young ayu 若鮎[wakaayu] young (healthy & energetic) sweetfish 鮎漁[ayuryou]. 若鮎 Wakaayu Recipe by Omotenashi Kitchen. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

若鮎 Wakaayu step by step

  1. 〈Dough〉Put egg and sugar in bowl, and mix it until it whites. Then, add honey and ★(mixed in advance)in order..
  2. Sift flour to the bowl, and mix it well. Leave it for 30 min..
  3. 〈Koshian〉Dry Koshian with paper towels, and devide in 6. Make shapes of 10cm long..
  4. 〈Gyuhi〉Put Shiratamako in bawl, and pour water little by little while mixing by fingers. Then, add suger and mix it..
  5. Microwave for 40 sec, toss, and microwave for 20 sec again..
  6. Dust Gyuhi with starch, and devide in 12..
  7. Add 1 tablespoon of water to the dough and mix it..
  8. Warm electronic griddle to 180°C. Then, pour one sixth of dough, and arrange the shape of 13 cm-ellipse. When you can see small holes on the surface, turn it over and fry for a min..
  9. Put Koshian and Gyuhi on the dough, and fold in half..
  10. Draw a pattern on it with heated iron stick..
  11. Enjoy!.